This blog is dedicated to the TV show Desperate Housewives. I love it so much, it's the best show! My favourite housewife is without a doubt Bree! Lynette is my second favourite, she's great too. I also love Gaby, Danielle Van de Kamp, Julie Mayer, Andrew Van de Kamp and a lot more of the characters. I miss Rex, he was so good in season 1.

I will mainly post and reblog screencaps and GIFs from the show. Quotes, videos and pictures of the cast off screen will be included too. I love Mary Alice's quotes, they describe life so well and what defines us.

My ships:
Bree/Karl <3
Gabrielle/John are my guilty ship because I love Gabrielle and Carlos together forever.
I also have a bit of a Bree/Keith thing. I have too many ships okay?

Oh and one more thing MARCIA CROSS IS MY LIFE.

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She is beautiful.

She is beautiful.

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